MA Exhibition 2016: ‘The Answer to the Question is 42’

Personal Statement.
The landscapes of my life are the inspiration for my work. I celebrate the moments of the enchanted sublime that I experience out in the landscape, whilst questioning the beauty of that landscape in its current man-made costume. I explore in a multi sensory fashion: I sketch with my eyes open and closed, I draw what I feel; I take photographs and I collect tantalizing items and display them. I work in an improvisational and collaborative way with my surroundings, exploring what landscape art can be. Landscape has ceased to be an obvious genre for my work but has become the medium with which I work.
The Work.
Nature’s Voice was inspired by walking and the drawn line. A weekly work intended to span decades. The objective is to record the interaction between humans and the planet, by creating a collaborative, hybrid work that crosses disciplines. This includes: art, as a drawing is produced; physics, as a pendulum is used; meteorology, as the weather provides the driving force; and ecology, as the ultimate goal is to record the progress of Global Warming. The marks produced are in direct response to ephemeral workings of natural forces in my garden at that particular moment in time, facilitated by myself and my apple tree.

Nature’s Voice Exhibited