stArt 2015

stArt was an exhibition in which I took a curatorial role as part of a team of three MA students. We had a month in which to organise, select and curate the exhibition.
Below is the press release I wrote for The Observer, the local newspaper.

stArt. An exhibition of Contemporary Fine Art.
Collectively we represent the current cohort of students at the University of Chichester, studying fine art, stArting on the road to a career in art. For us this exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to display work in the city. Individually we are artists expressing our passion, sharing inspiration, thoughts and dreams. The exhibition stArt, shows the wide range of skills and disciplines, materials and practice which are taught at the University. stArt reflects the diversity of work made by the undergraduate and post graduate students showcasing painting, sculpture, textiles, print, photography, ceramics and video.
stArt has been curated by the MA students and shows the breadth of ideas and topics researched and explored in the department. These subjects are-as diverse as the individual artists exploring a wide range of issues and themes, including the exploration of self, the question of what painting is now, to the emerging realms of environmental art.
We would all like to thank the board members of the Oxmarket Centre of Art who generously offered the University of Chichester’s Fine Art Department this opportunity to put on an exhibition. Giving us the chance to show the wider world our work in a valued exhibition setting and enabling us to develop our professional skills. The artists would also like to thank the staff and technicians of artOne for their creative, critical and technical support.
We take pleasure in inviting you to stArt to share our interest in the contemporary art scene in which we each hope to excel. We hope with the staging of this exhibition to firmly place the University of Chichester at the heart of our community. We would also like to extend a further invitation to you to attend our future degree show exhibitions at the University’s campus at the beginning of May; details will be available in the local press or can be found at

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