Degree Show 2014

Degree Show Statement.
I am a contemporary landscape artist immersing myself in the edgelands that form my local environment, where I feel a deep connection to nature. My work has led me along the path of the picturesque, following in the tradition of Romantic landscape artists, such as Turner and Friedrich, to current luminaries, including Keith Arnatt and John Virtue. As I walk my chosen beach, now rubbish strewn, I glimpse the awe-inspiring vistas of the vanishing romantic sublime, whilst finding today’s sublime in the hectic chase of mass consumerism which manifests itself in the rubbish around me.
I explore this and the nearby environment of my garden through photography and mark making. Each perversely beautiful photograph I take brings visibility to things that we glimpse, but may not comprehend. The photographs combine an initial aesthetic attraction and a subsequent contradictory realisation, that this is rubbish. They transcend the reality of the beach and perhaps offer a moment in which one might contemplate today’s hidden truth and tomorrow’s latent reality. I have juxtaposed these photos with ‘en plein air’ canvases, each of which collected marks created by the elements over a period of time, producing a visual representation of the weather and tides at the second of creation.
This exhibition captures a moment in time. Each work illustrates a microcosm of the macrocosm, recording some of the worst winter weather occurring in generations. This has left me with the intriguing realisation that my work evolves with and represents the changing weather experienced by our tormented planet.

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