Nature’s Voice Exhibited

2016 ‘the answer to the question is 42’. The second exhibition of this body of work.

This exhibition formed the final module for my MA in Fine Art at the University Chichester. I chose to exhibit a selection of twelve drawings from 52 drawings, made weekly over the course of a year. The twelve drawings needed to represent the random nature of marks recorded through a twelve month period. Those to be framed were finally chosen after considering many permutations which included: the most aesthetically pleasing drawing of a months production; a light to dark reading; or the most divers marks made over the year; etcetera. Finally I decided I wanted to maintain the random visual nature of the drawings, so I divided the drawings into four groups: the first week of each month; the second week of each mouth; the third week of each month and the fourth week of each month. The first week was selected as I felt it demonstrated the changing weather of the seasons through the marks.


Also displayed in the exhibition, to add interest and show additional information, were two scrolls: one canvas and one paper. I have titled these scrolls ‘Unfolding Narratives’ as they are made to record the week one day at a time and can be read from left to right. They are produced by moving the scroll forward each day, to catch a single days marks rather than the whole week where the days overlay each other on a single sheet of paper.


Unfolding Narrative III, canvas (hung), Unfolding Narrative IV paper (displayed on table)

The way these two items were displayed also suggested the production method and some of the influences that inform the way I work. Unfolding Narrative III is held to the wall by chop sticks and bull dog clips as this is how I secure the work to the ground during production. Unfolding Narrative IV is displayed as a scroll to propose traditional Chinese landscape painting and imply that one can unroll it and read the unfolding story of the weeks weather. Chinese landscape artists wander the countryside gathering information in the form of ‘en plein air’ sketches as did the Romantic artists of the 19th century. The working methods of these two traditions underpin the way I work and research the landscape around me.

A further seven A2 drawings illustrating each day of one week and two A1 weekly drawings were included for sale. Two where sold.

2015 ‘Sintitulas’ at The Otter Gallery. A group exhibition at which I showed Nature’s Voice for the first time.

For this initial showing I chose to display weeks 1 to 30 of Nature’s Voice. Each of the drawings pined to the wall in consecutive order. The display grew by one drawing each week throughout the duration of the exhibition. I experienced the visual impact and fascination of the amassed drawings for the first time as I hung this show.

MA Exhibition 2016: ‘The Answer to the Question is 42’