The Modern Sublime.

My photographs are a visual trace of the rubbish I find and where I find it. I try to document a moment in time, a small actual scene that I have found on the beach. Most of the rubbish has not been moved, although I often turn the bottles upside down as I feel this produces a more visually intriguing photo that might be more thought – provoking for my viewer, who at the instant of looking at my photo is transported back to share my captured moment in time. I am trying to picture the truth of the situation, the rubbish is there and we have accepted it as an integral part of the landscape.
The camera turns the rubbish (something horrid that should not be there) into something beautiful within its photographic representation; this perverse beauty transcends the reality of the beach. As Barthes did before me, I also find signs of death within my photographs. The photos show something that should be metaphorically speaking; dead and buried, it existed in the past, a piece of rubbish that was there when I took the photo but is not there now, it is only in your imagination. The photo I have taken allows that item to live on for as long as the photo is in existence. Will my photo or a piece of plastic last longer?
Do my photos actually offer the rubbish a chance of a longer life? Am I photographing the resurrection of the dead? Something that should be dead and buried that nature has chosen to resurrect back into the world of the living. Or are the photos heralding the death of the human race and many other species by rubbish? Or is it simply that I can still see the beauty of the landscape, even covered with rubbish? Have I accepted this modern sublime?


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